Gehtsoft.PDFFlowLib.Barcodes Library

Gehtsoft.PDFFlowLib.Barcodes is an extension library of Gehtsoft PDFFlow for generating barcodes and QR codes.

When you create documents, there is often a need to include a variety of barcodes or QR codes in the document for identification, tracking, etc. Some of the scenarios might be including barcodes in shipment and packing documents, including QR codes for identification, tracing document versioning and validity, sales receipts, event tickets, and much more. We've designed the PDFFlowLib.Barcodes library to make it easy for developers to include many common standard barcodes and QR codes in their documents, saving them time and effort generating those elements in their own code.

Using the library, you can add the most widely used types of barcodes and QR codes to your documents:



Explain how to use barcodes and QR codes in the GS PDFFlow library.

Namespace Gehtsoft.Barcodes.Enums

Namespace Gehtsoft.Barcodes.UserAPI

Namespace Gehtsoft.PDFFlow.Builder